The blorple spell (explore an object's mystic connections). --Spellbreaker

Blorple is an IF metadata browser, written in Java. It aims eventually to be a fully unified front-end to a player's interactive fiction library, but its primary goal is to make it easy to view cover art and blurbs for presently released works.

Download Blorple here.. Blorple has official, self-contained releases for both Windows and Mac OS X, and also has a version that is simply an executable JAR file for other platforms. You will need at least version 1.5 of the Jave Runtime Environment to run Blorple; you can get the latest version from Sun's official Java site. Most modern computers ship with an acceptable version, so this is unlikely to be a problem.

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Using Blorple

Blorple provides an interface to your IF collection. There are two ways to do this:

Once these files have been scanned, you may view its data by selecting it, and launch an appropriate interpreter by double-clicking it with the mouse, or by hitting Enter. If no interpreter is provided by default for that type, you may edit launchers in the "Launchers..." dialog under Settings.

How can I let Blorple automatically find IF I write?

Blorple is designed primarily to serve as a browser for works compliant with the Treaty of Babel. To be automatically scannable, your work needs to be compliant with it. This is usually done by attaching an .iFiction record to the work. How to do this depends on your authoring system:

Importable Indices

Blorple's "Import iFiction..." option is an experimental feature designed primarily for compilations. In the current version (0.4), the iFiction record must have Blorple annotations to import successfully.

Some sample Blorple indices are in this directory. They will provide basic information for all Babel-compliant entries in the Interactive Fiction Competition. Put each year's competition index in the base directory for that comp. Competitions from before 2000 may need special options to UNZIP to keep the filenames lowercase.